Show me your fleet and I will show you your future!

We are proud holders of an upgraded, privately-owned fleet, consisting of transport vehicles, special forklifts, and precision lifting machinery, of new generation and technology. The three ISO certificates that we have obtained (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) validate both the reliable quality level of the company, as a whole, as well as the improvement that characterizes our environmental footprint.

In more detail, our professional fleet comprises all types of trucks: standard open trailers, low loader trailers, hydraulic multi-axle modular trailers with steering wheels and loading ramps, as well as special boat transport trailers. For the towing of the above types of trailers, our company owns lightweight tractors (4x2 and 6x2) for even more excellent operating economy, and also heavy-duty tractors (6x4 and 8x4) for sufficient pulling up to 250 tons.

The aforementioned modern and complete equipment allows us to lift, transport, unload, and install all kinds of loads and machinery -regardless of volume and weight- and yet be flexible regarding the road routes we follow, thus giving our customers the fastest, safest, and most reliable Transport and Lifting Solutions, in every project.

We were the first to launch the Palfinger PK66000 in Greece, in March 2000. This is a 66-t/m crane mounted on a 4 axles truck with 6m long loading space. Two years later, in April 2002, we were again the first company to bring in Greece a 90 ton Fassi F900XP crane mounted on a 8x6 tractor, with the possibility of choosing the appropriate truck per case. In 2018 our company was yet again crowned a pioneer, introducing the largest truck mounted crane in the Greek market, ie, 300 tons; this particular crane gave us the ability to lift a load of up to 50 tons indoors, with limited height.

Our privately-owned fleet is complemented by cargo vehicles, forklifts with a lifting capacity of 4 to 16 tons, but also telescopic forklifts (Manitou) with a working height of up to 18 meters.

At LIKOUDIS LP, we stand out as consistent pioneers in Special Transport and Lifting Services operating in Greece and the rest of Europe.