Challenging and complex projects are our playground

At LIKOUDIS LP we provide the most reliable services for the transport and management of overweight and oversized loads. In fact, our services of the highest level are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. In this way, we transport for you the item/cargo you need from point A to point Z with the utmost safety, flexibility, and low cost possible. By road transport or in combination with sea transport, our company takes care of your cargo and its reliable, immediate, and professional loading, transportation, unloading, and installation, just the way you need it done.

Our impeccable services carry, in fact, added value since every cargo we undertake is being accompanied with an insurance policy!


Standard freight transport: Standard-type transport by open truck

Special transport: Transportation of overweight and oversized loads

Dangerous Goods Transport: ADR and Class 1 cargo transportation (explosives)

Integrated management of international transport for special cargos

Our long experience in the Transport industry, as well as the excellent relations we maintain with our partners (i.e., local carriers, shipping lines), allow us to organize complex transport projects involving normal, oversized, or overweight loads, from Greece to any part of Europe and vice versa.

We research, plan, and fulfill reliable and cost-controlled transport. On your behalf, we undertake all procedures regarding customs, shipping lines, local transportation, pick- up, loading, and dispatch.

Lifting Operations

Loading & Unloading: Our crane trucks handle the loading, transporting, and unloading even of oversized loads.

Placement & Installation: Having a substantial competitive advantage, our proprietary equipment for managing heavy objects, as well as our extensive expertise, we proudly claim able to place anything, anywhere!

Stevedoring & Stuffing Vessel Services: Professional stevedores undertake the service of ships (spare parts, supplies, etc.) with the strategic cargo placement as well as various loading and unloading of ships in various ports.

Personnel Lifts: Our privately owned, certified, rotary and fixed personnel lifts can go up to 50 meters with a maximum weight of 500 kg.

Forklifts: We offer a wide range of forklifts and telescopic forklifts for rent, from 4 to 16 tons, always paired with a qualified operator and all the necessary certificates/insurances. Our strong point is container stuffing using a 6-ton forklift in such dimensions that allow it to fully enter the container.

Roadside assistance

We provide our clientele with 24/7 vehicle collection service one phone call away via our own reliable Heavy Vehicle Roadside Assistance. Emergency Roadside Assistance uses recovery vehicles and even cranes in cases of flipped-over trucks, depending on the vehicles involved and also the point of danger.

Permits & Escort for Oversized Transports - Road Study

  • Our company’s Permit Department undertakes the immediate preparation and processing of all necessary bureaucratic tasks required for permit-issuing on oversized and overweight vehicles. This applies to either our machinery or to different ones that you use, e.g. traveling from abroad.
  • Utilizing our privately-owned escort vehicles and specialized staff, we are able to escort all oversized and overweight vehicles.
  • Our stealth experience and know-how in the Special Transport sector enable us to investigate all possible routes based on conditions and data, ensuring a viable and safe passage of any oversized vehicle, cost- and time-efficiently. In those cases where a specific transit is not possible, we flexibly and swiftly proceed to alternatives and carry them out until we can label the transport file as "SOLVED".

Loading, Securing, & Supervision [from Theory to Practice]

  • We design and complete the loading and securing or supervising for any load on trucks, Flat Rack Container, Mafi (at the port), as well as ensure the issuance of the relevant Lashing Certificate.
  • Surely, we have the experience and manpower to provide our services not only with more complex cases -such as an open container- but also with the less difficult ones, such as the dry container cases (stuffing, filling of dry containers).

Customs Formalities & extra Processing, all within one day!

We reliably undertake all customs procedures for your cargo under any import, export, or transit procedure (T1, T2L, Carnet Tir depending on the country of origin and the final destination). We also provide individual guarantees for transits arriving from or traveling to third countries.

We also arrange all line costs (free in-free out, port charges, agency/port fees, warehousing, bureaucracy, customs). Our customers receive, immediately, their cargo.

Freight Insurance

Our company provides lifting load insurance up to € 200,000 and transportable cargo, up to € 180,000 per transport, inside and outside Greece. For special high-value loads such as transformers, yachts, and earthmoving equipment, a transported load's value up to € 650,000 is covered. LIKOUDIS LP, is able to provide its customers with insurance on the project/load it undertakes, with the beneficiary of compensation being directly the customer himself!